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What to Expect on Your First Visit
Will I need an exam?

In order to provide you with the most appropriate care, it is important to have a complete overview of your health. Every person is unique, and seemingly similar symptoms sometimes arise due to very different circumstances. For this reason, in addition to completing a health history form, all new patients at Fikse chiropractic receive an initial examination. This allows Dr. Fikse to become familiar not only with your current symptoms but to assess previous conditions that may impact your current care, as well as screen for underlying conditions that may make it unsafe for you to be treated with certain chiropractic procedures.

Will I need X-rays?

At Fikse Chiropractic, we do not require routine X-rays on every new patient. In the majority of cases, the physical exam provides enough information to begin a course of care. However, based on the results of your examination, it may be necessary to refer out for additional studies prior to commencing a course of treatment.

How soon can I be treated?

When possible, the initial examination and first adjustment are performed during the same office visit. This process, including time for filling out the necessary forms, usually takes about 1 hour depending on the nature of the condition. Intake forms are available for download and may be filled out prior to your visit.

Will I need to come back?

A follow up visit is usually recommended within the first week after your initial adjustment to assess your progress. Every person is unique, but most people will require more than one treatment before the adjusted joints stabilize in their correct position and resume normal motion patterns. If further treatment is necessary, a projected course of care will be outlined based on your response to the initial treatment. This is not a mandated schedule of visits; it is simply an assessment of what will likely be necessary to reach your treatment goals and follow up visits will be scheduled at the conclusion of each visit based on the progress seen that day.